Animal Cruelty on Factory Farms

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Animal Cruelty on Factory Farms
“This is horrible! I can’t even watch this!” Those were my immediate thoughts the first time my eyes were opened to the inhumane animal cruelty on factory farms. Factory farming enables mass production to supply the demands of today’s society but also enables the cruel treatment of animals. We need to end the cruelty and abuse that these animals have to endure at the factory farms because it causes loss to the business, reduces the quality of the product produced, and endangers the health of those who buy the product. We can promote humane treatment of factory farm animals by prevention through education, by enforcing humane laws by being an example of humane animal treatment, and by donating and/or
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Stop using growth hormones and there will be a decrease in the imbalance in humans and a decrease in the rate of breast, prostate, and colon cancer in humans. Waste can be treated instead of being placed in a cesspool, affecting the health of all nearby. “The sustainable agriculture approach dries the manure and often adds other dry material to keep waste from running off, or seeping into water supplies….these approaches benefit the environment, the producer, the animals themselves, and the communities that surround them (Marks, 2001).”
There are things that can be done to help prevent cruelty on animal farms. When buying the products offered from factory farms from the grocery store, look for labels that say “free-range” or “organic.” Not all labels are what they say. There is a labeling fact sheet to help on what to look at on the website We should look for labels that state “free-range” and “organic.” To find local stores or restaurants that have “free-range” and “organic” items, go to the website Buying local and buying direct from the farmer is another way of helping. There is a website so to find local farmers markets at Discuss with the farmer how the animals are fed and how they are raised, if they have access to the outdoors or if they are antibiotic free. There is a


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