12 Angry Men Persuasion Techniques

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Who are "Those People"? The poor/underprivileged.

Persuasive Methods:
Logos: Appeal based on reason or logic. Logical reasons or examples/the logic used to support a claim (induction and deduction); can also be the facts and statistics used to help support the argument.
Juror 8:
• asked the jurors to discuss this for just an hour; won’t “send a boy off to die without talking about it first”
• made each small point of his persuasion very easy to accept and as logical as possible so none of the rest could easily object to it
Juror 4:
• a stockbroker who refuses to budge until he is presented with sound reasons for changing his mind

Ethos: Appeal based on the reputation and character of the speaker. The source's credibility, the
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The message itself may be displayed many times. Works if they are repeated enough to pound their message into our minds.
Juror 8:
• gets the other jurors to think critically/creatively, regularly asking, "Suppose that..." and "Is it possible?"

Salience: The art of being silent. When you're not talking, you're listening to your prospect
• Juror 10 launches into a prejudiced tirade, the jurors turn their backs on him and walk away

Active vs. Passive Audience: A passive audience sits back and observes (low audience awareness of how to make choices) while an active audience participates (high audience awareness of how to make choices).
Juror 8:
• was staring out windows and listening impassively when others talk to him in the beginning

Personalizing: An emotional appeal. Personalize the issue. Tell a story about how it affected a person’s life. Establishing a bond between the persuader and the consumer.
Juror 8:
• asks the jurors to imagine the accused was their child
Juror 3:
• because of his poor relationship with his son, categorizes the defendant as a rebellious kid

Humor: Humor grabs our attention, and when we laugh, we feel good. Advertisers make us laugh and then show us their product or logo because they’re trying to connect that good feeling to their product.

Conformity/Social proof: Everyone is doing it or at least, all the cool people are doing


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