Lebron James Best Player in World

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Specific purpose: To persuade my audience about how LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world.

Central Idea: LeBron James is the best basketball player by his scoring ability, his athleticism, and his world-class defense.


Imagine you are in the stands of a Miami Heat game watching the greatest player of the game Lebron James play. One minute you see in chasing down a defender to block him. Then next you see him running a fast break down the court flying through the air. Are you thinking that could be MJ? The answer would be no, because according to Lebron he is not MJ he is LJ.
• Lebron James is considered the very best among many top players to ever play the game.
• For one Lebron James can score at
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• He is known for defenders going on a fast break and chasing them down and swatting them from behind.
• He has down this to Kobe Bryant in the past, has done it to Carmelo Anthony, and Derrick Rose, and many others.
• Those names above are just some of the great players in NBA, which just shows that great can’t beat amazing.
• An example of how great his defense is last year in the playoffs, Lebron James was playing the Bulls who had Derrick Rose.
• Derrick Rose when Lebron wasn’t guarding him first game, had over 30 points in the game.
• The next time the two teams met up Lebron was covering Derrick Rose and made him look like a fool, because he only got 12 points and over 6 turnovers.
• Also, a big factor is Lebron is rated the second strongest player in the NBA right behind the Laker’s center Dwight Howard according to the NBA.
• Lebron is one of the only players to be able to play all five positions on the court.
• Meaning he can guard literally anyone and shut them down because of how quick and strong he is on defense.

III. The last aspect of Lebron James’s game that makes him the greatest is his athletic ability.
• There are many players who come close to Lebron when comes to his athletic ability, but the one factor that puts him to the top is how big he is and still does what he does.


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