Mind Control Is the Foundation of Cults

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Mind Control is the Foundation of Cults

What are cults and what are the issues society argues about them? Many people argue over all different central issues of cults. One issue people argue is that cults cause social and personal disruption. Another issue would be that people in society dismiss the whole notion of cults completely saying that every religion can be viewed as a cult. However, when it comes down to it a cult is simply nothing other than a person using mind control over the people that are part of it. The definition of a cult sometimes seems to vary but for the most part has a central theme. A cult is essentially a form of a religious group that follows an individual. It can be easily identified because the
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There is also a demand for purity in a cult. A member’s behavior is modeled after the leader of the cult. Different organizations or people are depicted as bad or good just depending on what kind of relationship it has toward the cult. Another method in mind controlling is confessions of a cult. “When members commit serious sins, they are to be confessed immediately (Singer 41).” They all have to confess their sins in front of each other that are done on a regular basis. This creates a sense of the group somewhat becoming one with each other. It also permits the leaders of the cults to show their authority over the weaker members by using their sins as a form of black mail. The method called the sacred science of a cult is the vision that there should be an order for human existence. This means there should be leadership in a cult and that a member should not question it because it is too sacred. Its teachings are supposed to be the “absolute truth” meaning that there are no contradictions. Such terms as the “absolute truth,” “new system,” and “worldly” are just some examples of their certain language they have. The cults also have doctrines over a person, which means commonsense ideas are thrown out and they have their own logic or way of thinking. The last of cult’s methods is the dispensing of existence. A cult has the right over who should exist and who should not. In their final mission, the cult’s leader decides


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