Language for Teachers Task 4: Focus on the Teacher’s Language

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Language for Teachers Task 4:
Focus on the teacher’s language

Name: Eduardo García Acevedo
Candidate number: 004
Centre Number: MX005
Date of submission: August, 30th 2013

In this paper, I analyze my language in the classroom in terms of its accuracy and appropriacy for teaching. I quote six utterances from an Elementary level (A1) with twelve adult students who work at an investigation institute. This lesson starts with a conversation about a woman’s vacation to Aspen in order to introduce the Idiomatic Future.

1. When checking a dialog from students’ book assignments, I asked a comprehension question to the whole class.

Accurate and appropriate: “What is the reason to buy two machines that do
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As a conclusion, it is difficult to avoid becoming over controlling of the classroom language, thus maintaining a sensible proportion between TTT and STT. This ratio might depend on the variety of roles a teacher can assume during a lesson or stages with different interaction patterns. Therefore, what we do say in class must be carefully planned or resourceful and precise. Another compromise teachers can reach involves comprehensible input and modified or adapted input: When teachers act as models, it is necessary to produce a language that is fairly intelligible for students (just a step beyond their level); however, when the teacher gives directions or takes the role of a tutor, he/she needs to lower his/her language in order to ensure most students understand.

Word count: 1,084


Lightbown, P. Spada, N. (2006). How languages are learned
New York: Oxford University Press

In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching


I, Eduardo García Acevedo, declare that the following Language for Teachers Task 4: Focus on the teacher’s language is entirely my own work and that it is written in my own words and not those copied directly


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