La Martina Case Study

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1) Problem Statement
La Martina is facing difficult corporate dilemma, whether to focus on a production and selling of functional polo equipment or to become more mainstream and fashion oriented brand.
Founder and CEO, Mr. Lando Cimonneti has always been step ahead and knew how to tackle stormy economic, political and social situation both in Argentina and worldwide. Innovative steps has helped the company remain successful and added an invaluable sense of uniqueness.
La Martina has always been a company based on controlled growth, self-finance, relatively independable high profile exclusivity deliverying a complete portfolio of polo lifestyle goods which was a good strategy though challenging times of economic crises in their home
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This could be achieved by spreading to other segments of horse sports such as equestrian disciplines like show jumping, dressage and 3-day event.
From time to time, in order to stay at the top every company needs to change something. Reaching the top and not improving mean that you will sooner or later fall behind. In order to stay competitive and keep the top position on the market company needs to improve and be innovative. That is the main reason way La Martina should consider new strategy that will not disregard its core values but allow them to grow.
While polo sport has little over 17,000 competitors around the world other equestrian disciplines have over 20,000 competitors that are registered with the FEI and compete only on international level, in national events there is at least three times more riders.
The market is big but can it be concurred? The big advantage that La Martina has is that it is specialized in producing specific type of goods. The company knows the specific needs and the quality that people who do this type of sports demand, they have a tradition and brand already recognized by many riders from equestrian disciplines what can be confirmed by the number of stores that La Martina has in Italy (7) and not so many polo riders (161) and in Greece (4) where there is no competitor