Intergenerational Justice Apa

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Intergenerational Justice
Suzan Khlaikhel
Schiller International University

Intergenerational Justice
Now we have to consider the fairness between generations. There is no need to emphasize the difficulties raised by the problem. However, the presentation of justice as fairness would be incomplete without a discussion of this important issue. It arises in this context because it is still an open question whether it is possible to make the social system as a whole, competitive economy, surrounded by a corresponding set of related institutions to satisfy two principles of justice. The answer will depend, to some extent, on the level of the established social minimum. But this, in turn, is connected with the extent to which the present
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With this accepted by all participating nations. It was recognized that the need to respect the rights of future generations and at the same time take into account the needs of the present. This principle should be introduced into policies and laws by the nations, which are accepted it.
Following-up meetings in Johannesburg in 2002 and Copenhagen in 2009 have not generated much optimism among the people of the planet. The last conference in Cancun even jeopardized still remaining positive aspects of Kyoto protocol agreements.
It is necessary to establish a stable relationship between nature and human beings that would benefit future generations, including children. As stated by the Secretary General of the Rio + 20 Conference Sha Zukang, two decades have made the world close to the eradication of poverty; on the contrary, the world has moved further to the environmental crisis and climate change. This means the depletion of the environment, which should be generation inherits. In 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, it is necessary to emphasize, that sustainable development is based on social, equitable economic growth and environmental protection imply a conflict with the development on the basis only of economic growth. It is often said that Rio de Janeiro '92 was intended simply to put the issues of sustainable development of the civil society and the corporate sector. Now Rio de Janeiro '2012 should bring