Kfc Research Methodology

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Research Methodology :


This chapter basically aims to analyse the strategies adopted by KFC in India to get better results and to understand the possible reasons that could affect it.Hussey (1997) explains us that the type of methodolgoies would reflect the suppositions of the research paradigm.First of all the Philosophy and general perspective will be discussed.Then it will be followed on by the data collection methods and also some samples will be provided.


The basic purpose of this research is to find out the business strategies used by KFC in India for their success.The research philosphy basically relies on the the way which considering about the progress of knowledge, so that it is significant to make
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Primary Data :

Mc Burney and Theresa (2007) explains Primary Data as the unedited , firsthand access to words , images and targets created by people .This tells us that Primary information was before it had been analysed , interpreted , commented upon or repacked (MCBurney and Theresa , 2007).In my research i have used telephonic interviews as is was easier to contact the KFC officials via telephone.Interviews have also being classified as one of the most powerful tools in Primary Data.The main reason to select interviews as a tool for Primary Data collection is to understand the participants experience by collecting data in depth.

Secondary Data :

Saunders,M et al. (2000) explains it as reanalysing already collected data for any other purpose is known as secondary data.in this method data is collected from books , internet , journals , etc ( Saunders , M et al. , 2000).Some advantages of Secondary Data are it requires less time and money.It is less costly to use secondary data.This method also has certain disadvantages such as iit can be costly if the data is not free for commercial use ( Saunders,M et al. , 2007).Well Secondary Data is divided in to three different parts :-

Documentary Secondary data :-
The data with specially written materials such as


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