Rain- Directed by Christine Jeffs

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A child’s life has many milestones such as learning to walk, learning to talk and their first day at school. Throughout all these stages parents are obliged to provide guidance, safety and support for their children as they learn to interpreate the world for themselves. Christine Jeffs’ visual text, Rain explores the story of thirteen year old, Janey whose parents are so caught up in self-absorption, they neglect their parental roles to both Janey and her younger brother Jim.This up-bringing of Janey and Jim leave the audience pondering, Does the abandonment of morale parents roles shape a childs transition into adolescence? The consequences of neglecting Janey through her first steps into womanhood, ricochet on Janey's parents, and damage …show more content…

Janey is influenced by this woman figure in her life, and meaninglessly kisses a boy of her age, before shoving him onto the floor, this is Janey’s perception of intimacy, as she has learnt from her mother and she believes her actions are meaningless and that she is in control of the consequences. The actions of Janey bewilder Jeff's audience, as we realize that Janey is mimicking her mothers actions, however Janey does not have any true sexual desire and she is unaware of the situations she is leading herself into. Jeff's audience begin to understand that because Janey had been left un-guided by her parents into her teenage life, she has no true understanding of how her actions will leave her vulnerable and she has no escape.
Throughout the film, we are shown Janey's feeling toward Cadey, a man who has participated in an affair with Janey's mother, and takes advantage of Janey's immaturity and inexperience with decision making. Cadey blatantly grooms Janey in front of her mother, making conversation with her which Janey believes she is in control of and feels special. "Would you like a drink?" Cadey offers Janey alcohol and cigarettes during a family outing on his boat, even though he knows she is only thirteen. Janey's mum is dissatisfied within her marriage and unaware