Kfc Case Study

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1.I would have to support PETA on this because there are so many ways that KFC and its other chains can stay as successful as they are and treat chickens in a humane matter. I am a vegetarian for many reasons. It’s my life style that I have obtained because I hate the texture of meat and can’t stand hearing the awful things this world does to innocent animals. They deserve happy healthy lives just like we do. I couldn’t imagine eating something that is treated so such disgusting ways. Many other fast food restaurants have made this major change, now it’s their turn to follow suit. I think that PETA was being a little harsh to exploit them so intently. They were given a certain amount of time to right their wrong. If they didn’t pull …show more content…

This just means that KFC needs to get their act together and put forth more effort than they have been putting forth. PETA does want to take KFC down; they just want them to treat animals as they should be treated. KFC waited two years to start doing anything about what PETA asked them to do, which means 850 million chickens killed within that time. They deserve the harsh treatment for not caring about living beings that deserve the same respect as we do.

6. Yes animals have rights; they are living, just like we are. There should be no difference in how they are treated. Every living thing needs to be respected no matter the circumstances. We need organizations like PETA to solve major problems. They are going to be the ones to stand up for animals. They can’t stand up for themselves so we need to do our part to protect them. They deserve their share of equal consideration. In one way or another we brought the many varieties of animals into this world, it’s our responsibility to take care of them.

Current Status:
PETA is staying strong and continuing petitions, boycotts and urging people to go vegan/ vegetarian to fight against KFC. I am proud to say I signed an electronic petition for PETA. I think what they are doing is important and will impact the world in which we live in major ways.
“As KFC continues to refuse to eliminate the worst abuses suffered by the more than 850 million birds slaughtered for its


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