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BUSI 642: Week 2
Discussion Board 1
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Discussion Board 1
In a world that is quick to state discrimination has taken place, there is a new discrimination emerging (i.e. reverse discrimination). Is this form of discrimination really discrimination? What diversity practices would you put in place to prevent any kind of discrimination?
Generally speaking, discrimination is rooted in within the “cultural fabric of the United States” along the lines of “housing, employment, health, and the criminal justice system” (Camara & Orbe, 2011). Hecht (1998) describes the term, “discrimination involves the power and capacity to act followed by actual selective/targeted action against someone else emanating from one’s
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With the all of this information in mind, this author believes that when this law was first put into practice, as well as the time periods when the numerous alterations made to this law took place, reverse discrimination probably did not exist. However, today… 2013, reverse discrimination does exist and does take place.
With that being said, how do managers prevent discrimination in the workplace? Can this even be done? Keith McKnight had this answer, “I don't know that you can avoid discrimination because it's a fabric of our society, but I think the thing to do in a corporation is to make individuals responsible and accountable for their actions…If you begin to tie pay to performance and make diversity a part of that performance, then you start to get people's attention." (Dodson, 2002).
Yet, there are still yet other proactive ways a manager can be successful promoting diversity and preventing discrimination. It must all start with the development of a strong equal opportunity policy. An effective policy must be embraced by leadership and communicated down to the employees. The company’s policies should be clear that harassment will not be tolerated and it