MBA527 Week 6 Homework submission

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Week 6 Homework

1. Read "Case 9: National Collegiate Athletic Association Ethics and Compliance Program, pp 444-454. Answer the questions at the end of the case.

How does the NCAA encourage collegiate football programs to develop a culture of ethics and compliance?

Collegiate football is not only a very lucrative and rapidly growing “business” but it also has a “tremendous impact on our culture, influencing the values of millions of participants and spectators”. Because of this, it is vey important to ensure that the NCAA ensure that all teams not only follow the rules and interpretations of the game, but also hold themselves to a higher standard with an established code of ethics. These days, there are concerns about moral
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Notre Dame, in my previous post, is an example of a school that holds themselves accountable for the actions for their coach and their players. Regardless of the important nature of their standing in the BCS championship standings, Notre Dame quickly addresses any issues of impropriety quickly and administers the requisite punishment. I believe if schools can model after Notre Dame, it would be easier to administer a proactive response to ethics and compliance.

2. Watch the Patrick Murphy Interview 3—Johnson & Johnson found at Discuss the issues posed in the video.

Johnson & Johnson was seen as a gold standard for the recall of Tylenol and used for many years as a perfect example. Johnson & Johnson was responsible to everyone for the use of their products. It is important for a company to communicate the problem clearly with the public, comply with government officials, conduct an investigation and recall the products.

Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson has had issues with paying kickbacks to intermediaries to use their products, which has been happening for many years. At that point, Johnson & Johnson were made to recall their products (in 2010 & 2011). Johnson & Johnson can no longer be used as a golden standard for ethical behavior based on their actions recently and in the past. They have significantly tarnished their image and their trust with the shareholders and most