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Chapter 15 Solutions

Review Questions

1. Your server has some damaged disk areas and won’t boot or run chkdsk automatically when you try to boot. Which of the following options should you try to fix the disk? Answer: d. Boot from the Windows Server 2008 installation DVD and access the command prompt to run chkdsk.

2. You are training a new server administrator and are discussing common boot problems. Which of the following do you mention? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. disk read errors, b. corrupted boot file, c. corrupted partition table, and d. disk failure on a drive containing boot files

3. You’ve just added a new monitor and driver to your server, but when you reboot, the display on the monitor is unreadable and
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Which of the following quorum models is the best choice? Answer: b, Node Majority

14. You walk into the computer room one morning and notice that there is a message at the server console that the application log is full. Which of the following might be true? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. The application log properties are set to Do not overwrite events. and c. The application log needs to be set to a larger size.

15. When you use Remote Desktop client from Windows 7 to remotely access Windows Server 2008 plan to use it with _____ Authentication for stronger security. Answer: Network Level 16. What key or key combination do you press to boot into the Advanced Boot Options menu? Answer: b. F8

17. Your server is not successfully using Windows Update to update the operating system when you try to do a manual update. It appears that it is connecting to the local network, but not to the Internet. Which of the following tools can you use to help diagnose the problem? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. Network and Sharing Center and b. ping command

18. You want to set up a command center for the server operators in your company so they can use one Windows Server 2008 server to monitor the other 28 servers in the operations room and spread throughout the company. Which of the following features should you make sure is installed at the command center server? Answer: c. Remote Server Administration Tools

19. Your


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