Environmental Problem in Mongolia

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1. ENVIRONMENT 2.1 What are the important environmental problems in Mongolia today? 2.2 What are the biggest changes in the environment in Mongolia? 2.3 How can we solve some of the environmental problems in UB?

1.1 What are the important environmental problems in Mongolia today?
The environment is everything around us. It is the air, water, land, climates and so on. A clean, well balanced environment has far reaching effects over all life forms and mankind. However, Mongolians can’t keep the environmental balance in recent times. Thus, it is causing serious negative effects such as air and water pollution, deforestation, desertification and land degradation. I think that the worst problems now affecting Mongolia
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Second, Transport office should consider reducing old and outdated motor vehicles. In Mongolia there are more than 110,000 motor vehicles in use. The UB Transport Office and the Electron cum-Machine Research Company measured carbon monoxide, carbon, and carbon dioxide in UB. On the strength of these, they have found that we do not know we eat 120kg of poisonous substances a year. According to the statistics, old motor vehicles pollute over 40% of the UB air.
Third, the city should try to relocate the Black markets to a location outside the city that is more remote and less likely to impact city traffic. Many developed countries have policies to build their informal markets in remote areas, preventing traffic jams. Black markets located in the centre of the city are generating heavy traffic jams because people either from Ulaanbaatar and countryside visit the markets in their cars. In the case of the constant traffic jams around the markets, emission from transportation is greatly increased. According to a study conducted, traffic jams have increased by 75 percent, air pollution by 15 percent, and dust by 60 percent due to the black markets’ location within Ulaanbaatar.
In conclusion, there are no perfect countries with perfect citizens, it’s no surprise to see a country with such harsh problems. Of course, there is a solution to every question. We would all hope the solution would come as soon as possible to wipe


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