The Life of John Wesley

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THE LIFE OF JOHN WESLEY John Benjamin Wesley was born June 17, 1703 to the small town of Epworth, in Lincolnshire. The son of Minister Rev. Samuel Wesley, who was the son of Minister Rev. John Wesley, John Benjamin was the third generation of powerful influential preachers. His mother Susanna Wesley was also a powerful woman of faith and was said to be ten times more caring towards people than her own husband.[1]Who could have known that out of this small town and lineage would come one of the most anointed, powerful, well-known preachers in all of Christendom? Even starting the Methodist movement, which has strayed from his doctrine but still remains today? Wesley was rarely referred to as John by his family; rather it was “Jack,” …show more content…

With the conviction of ethics and the conviction of his faith, John Wesley would now begin his travels of reformation. It is said that “he traveled about four thousand five hundred miles every year, one year with another; which gave two hundred and twenty- five thousand miles… For fifty-two years or upwards, he generally delivered two, frequently three or four sermons in a day: but calculating at two sermons a day, and allowing... fifty for extraordinary occasions, the whole number during this period will be forty thousand five hundred and sixty.” [4] The incredible feats of his fifty two years of travel are phenomenal. It is hard to write and give justice too. Though summing up his preaching and travel is an impossible feat, this story can give a glimpse into just what his passion would have been like. The account is given by Peter, his carriage driver. They were at a small dinner and Peter was cleaning the inside of the carriage when he noticed, through the window, a servant whisper something in Wesley’s ear. He was reminding Wesley that he had promised to preach at a small parsonage that they were going to be late for. Wesley rushed out to the cart and instructed the carriage driver to drive through the small bay they were on to the other side. Peter drove the carriage through


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