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| Internet Exercise #3: CDM Process | | | 6/24/2013 | | | The internet is the most recent tool that marketers are using to influence consumers. Discuss the impact of the Internet on the five stages of the CDM process. What happens differently, or how does the Internet use these processes to sell more efficiently? |

Internet Exercise #3: CDM Process

1. Need Recognition
During this first stage, the consumer recognizes a need that can be satisfied by a purchase.
What are the ways that Internet marketers are attempting to trigger consumers’ recognition of needs? * Internet marketers use browser cookies to keep track of consumers’ behavior. Browser cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and
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Consumers select the brand that best satisfies the need. Many times comparing products is difficult because of complex product features, numerous available choices, and physical distance between products in stores.
Visit PriceRunner and select any product category of your choice. How does this Web site help consumers compare product alternatives? * PriceRunner allows consumers to browse products and add them to a short list for side by side comparison: product cost, retailers, reviews from experts and users. * Similar products are listed to help consumers make sure that all relevant products are considered. * Consumers can sign up for a price alert so that they will be notified if the price of the product selected falls below the lowest listed price so that the consumer can get the best deal possible. * The consumer can also find vouchers for discounts on the products they are searching through this site. * This website allows the consumer to evaluate the alternatives on a variety of factors and find the best selection without having to go from store to store.

4. Purchase Decision
The consumer decides to make a purchase of the intended brand, purchase a different brand, or postpone the purchase. The Internet plays a major role in consumers’ purchase decisions.
What are some Internet features that influence


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