Internet Effect on Interpersonal Relationship

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Is the Internet Affecting the Interpersonal Relationships of Our Society?

The Internet and the World Wide Web have definitely had an impact on society both positively and negatively. For some people the Internet has reduced personal interaction. For example, the more time some people spend on the Internet, the less time they spend with friends and family. Online shopping and banking are convenient, but encourage people to purchase good and services without interacting with others. The Internet has made it possible for people to work from home by telecommuting. While some people can benefit from telecommuting, it may be too confining for many people. In society today it seems as if we are much more comfortable with shelling out hours
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In order to measure the degree to which technology/internet affects interpersonal relationships within the United States,
You must start with individuals everyday usage of the Internet, measured by time spent accessing the World Wide Web. The time measurement frame can be broken down into simple categories such as: never, sometimes, and always. In order to test and provide an accurate resolute to the theory, individuals with a low to moderate background in Internet usage, such as an Amish family, must be used. The time frame for the test could be set to sixty days, thirty of which the family spends without Internet access, and thirty days with Internet access. The theory would prove accurate if traditional boundaries of the Amish family are "blurred," and time spent interacting as a family drastically decreases due to Internet usage. Unfortunately it can be accurately stated that the Internet is one of many forms of technology that can, and is, affecting interpersonal relationships within the U.S society. The simple fact that the Internet provides a new experience each time accessed causes a sense of curiosity within individuals, which then leads to addiction, and finally alienation. Without a


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