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Today in modern life, humans make use of many objects that have certain devices that they are not even aware of how they work or what their main function is. One of these devices that is used a lot without knowing their existence is what is called a "capacitor." Many people have heard the word capacitor, but also many do not even have an idea of what it means or what is the use for it. In this research, I will concentrate on explaining the physics of a capacitor and describing the main types of capacitors that exist today. A capacitor is a device used to store charge in an electrical circuit. The function of a capacitor is much similar to a battery, but it charges and discharges much more efficiently. Also, unlike a battery, a …show more content…

The ceramic type of capacitors is constructed with materials such as titanium acid barium as the dielectric. These capacitors are well suited for use in high frequency applications, and their shape is like a disk. The polystyrene capacitors have its name because polystyrene is used as their dielectrics. Unlike ceramic, these are not suitable for high frequency applications. Lastly, the polypropylene capacitors use polypropylene film as the dielectric. These capacitors are used when a higher tolerance is required than polyester capacitors can provide.
In contrast to capacitors using bulk dielectric, the dielectric in electrolytic capacitors is dependent on the creation and maintenance of a microscopic metal oxide layer. In comparison to bulk dielectric capacitors, this very small dielectric allows much more capacitance with the same amount of volume. However, in order for this to work properly, the dielectric has to have the accurate polarity of direct current, otherwise the capacitor will fail. Examples of electrolytic capacitors include aluminum electrolytic, tantalum, and electric double layer (super or ultra) capacitors.
In an aluminum electrolytic capacitor, aluminum is used for the electrodes with the use of a thin oxidization membrane. It's most important characteristic is that it has polarity, and it is fundamental that is correctly connected. A tantalum capacitor uses a material


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