David Beckham H&M Super Bowl Commercial

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David Beckham H&M Super Bowl Commercial

This commercial was advertising David Beckham's new line for body wear available at H&M. The quick 30 second commercial focuses on the iconic beauty that is, David Beckham. Revealing the tattoos all over his body at all kinds of different camera angles, while using the last ten seconds to show David Beckham in a pair of his new underwear from his new line. It focuses on the brand being "David Beckham" labeled on the front waist band and closes the commercial with a smiling Beckham next to the H&M logo. That makes people want to go to H&M right?

1. Who is the target market and what message is being conveyed?
The target market for this commercial is male gender because it's David Beckham's
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"Did you see how fast that car was going? Did you hear that engine? Did you see how durable that truck was?" Those are all questions that are formed when you're actually watching the car/truck. Those questions then lead to an interest in wanting to go check it out at a dealership which is ultimately what Chevy is going for.

3. What techniques are used to attract the viewers attention?
There's so many techniques in this commercial to get the viewers attention. Once again, it's purely psychological. (Almost everything on television is nowadays.) Right off the bat the Chevy is pulling out of concrete debris, this shows that the truck has power. The truck then continues on it's way through what appears to be no civilization land, this shows that the truck can handle multiple types of terrain and weather conditions. There's parts where it has the dog in the backseat, this shows that the truck has plenty of room. They play the song, "looks like we made it" - making the statement that Chevy can make it through anything. Ending in a group of Chevy owners, which shows that Chevy is the "better choice when it comes to Chevy or Ford." (They bash Ford at the end.)

4. Is the ad successful? Why?
I think the ad is successful, yes. I really like how they used the whole apocalypse theory, that was brilliant. They really went out of their way to show a lot of different positives for owning a Chevy. This commercial really held up to their statement