Case Analysis 1: Apple Computer

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Case Analysis 1: Apple Computer return date: Sturday 10th Novemeber


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Definition of the problem 2 Historical strategy 2 New Challenges 3
Objectives & criteria for new strategies 3
Options & Ideas for new and improved strategies 4 Alternative 1 4 Alternative 2 4 Alternative 3 5
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This is a very big challenge and Apple is aware of that. Because of the development pf the iPhone and the need of having it ready to be marketed, the releases of the new Apple Mac OS X Leopard has been shifted, for the first time in Apple history, of many months, despite of an official deadline, customers eagerly waiting for the new product and above all Microsoft new O.S. Windows Vista.

Objectives & criteria for new strategies

As Steve Job and Apple’s main problem is keeping the leadership position in the market, the quest is for new alternative ideas to keep the actual market share or hopefully improving it. Apple’s strongest strategy has always been focused on producing completely new, unique and user friendly technology devices. Nowadays, form a customer point of view, Apple brand evokes the idea of innovation of design, quality and usage for software and hardware products. Therefore, customer’s expectations are for innovative ideas every time Apple launches a new product to the market. One of the most important criteria is thus meeting customer expectations in order to maintain the market share.

For example, new releases of iPod feature always at least little changes such as a new design, new color alternatives or they offer improved


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