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Into Thin Air Questions
Pages 7-27
1. Why didn’t Krakauer climb down the fixed rope?
People were already climbing up the rope, he couldn’t descend.
2.Why did Krakauer run out of oxygen so fast?
Harris had accidentally fully opened his oxygen tank valve, which drained his oxygen tank.
3. What discovered the highest mountain in the world?
A Bengali computer named Radhanath Sikhdar.
4. Who was the first person to reach the top of Everest?
Hillary and Tenzing were the first climbers ever to reach the top of Everest.
5. Who made Krakauer’s trip to the Everest possible?
Outside magazine paid the fee for him and made his trip possible.
Pages 31-51
6. Who greeted Jon at the airport?
Andy Harris, one of Hall’s guides.
7.Who was Hall’s partner for
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What happened between the guide Boukreev and Fischer?
Boukreev had ignored Fischer’s instructions and didn’t go along with the group, he just wasn’t a team player so Fischer got mad at him.
37. What happened to Andy Harris?

A boulder the size of a television fell on him as he was climbing, he eventually recovered and continued on his journey.
38. What job did Jon receive at Camp Three?
Jon was the first person to reach the tents so he got assigned the job of ice chopper. They had to get jobs because there was no Sherpas at Camp Three.
39. Who are Messner and Hebeler?
They are the first climbers who ever reached the summit of Mount Everest with no supplemental oxygen. They insisted that everyone should go without bottled oxygen.
Pages 171-191
40. What happened to Chen from the Taiwanese team?
He was outside evacuating his bowels when he accidentally slipped and fell. Chen was severely injured so he unfortunately died.
41. Overall what kind of people were a part of Hall’s team?
Three guides, eight clients, and four sherpas were a part Hall’s group.
42. What was Lopsang doing while climbing?
He had apparently tied Pittman on him so he could assist her since she appeared to be weak at climbing. 43. How much oxygen did each of the clients carry with them?
All of the clients carried 6.6-pound oxygen bottles and they would all pick up another bottle at the South Summit.
44. Why was their trip to the summit delayed?

The ropes had not been placed by the Sherpas so


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