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1. How did Reginald Lewis become the wealthiest black man in America? a. He was a music producer, for people like Michael Jackson. b. He founded the computer company Microsoft. c. He was a successful businessman. d. He was a well-known actor in several films, under the name Denzel Washington.

2. How did the economic situation for blacks change in the late twentieth century compared to the mid twentieth century?
a. More black women were forced into domestic and food service jobs.
b. Black family income increased dramatically.
c. Black wealth completely closed the income gap with whites.
d. Overall,
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the Baptist church

16. What statements of Farrakhan’s attracted national attention during and after the 1984 presidential campaign? a. He said that blacks were actually superior to whites. b. He said he hoped for a return to a male-dominated, segregated society, where blacks were subordinate. c. He denounced rap music, and called it “the music of the devil.” d. He made anti-Semitic comments, stating that he thought Jewish people were at the heart of black problems in America.

17. What types of goals did Farrakhan set for Nation of Islam members? a. He pushed aggressively for civil and political rights. b. He wanted women to be the social and political equals to men. c. He pressed for equal constitutional rights for children. d. He thought they should help themselves, by using gains they already had, using a rhetoric very similar to Booker T. Washington’s.

18. What was a culminating event of Farrakhan’s leadership of the Nation of Islam? a. his trip to Mecca b. his denunciation of Jews c. the Million Man March d. his reaction to September 11

19. What arguments have been made about racial statistics?
a. They should not ever be used as they are always discriminatory.
b. That without racial statistics, we might not know if we need programs to change discrimination.
c. That they stop miscegenation.
d. That they should only be used at the state level, not the national level.

20. What two areas have seen increased migration to the United States since the


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