Case Report London Public Library

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MBA5241E - Winter 2013
Managerial Accounting Information and Decision
Case Analysis

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1. Background
The London Public Library is an organization spanning the city of London, delivering services from 16 physical locations. The core services of the library include reference, reader’s advisory and referral; collections and lending; technology services; programming and community outreach. The library is focused on literacy, learning, culture/leisure/recreation, information and community meeting place. The past few years have seen significant resources pegged towards fund raising strategies, resulting in other areas of the organization being neglected and
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“Number of new registrations” is used to measure the effectiveness of the library’s external communications such as advertising and marketing in order to attract more customers. It effectively measures our market penetration of our organization’s directly speaks to the aptitude of our marketing department. Since each new registrant has to actually make a physical trip into the library and in essence has had a chance to take a look around and see what the library is to offer.
“Project completion” and “Partnership development” are used to measure innovation effectiveness. However, the number of projects completed and partnerships forged cannot directly reflect how efficiently the internal wheels of our organization are functioning.
“IT Excellent Aggregate”, “Facility Excellence Aggregate”, “External Communication Aggregate”, “Outreach Activities Aggregate” are weak indicators, since they can’t be easily quantified – a key requirement for the Balanced Score Card approach.
Learning and Growth Perspective
The learning and growth perspective aims to induce renewed energy into the employees of the organization. It is a means of getting the employees involved into some the decision making process, by allowing them to participate in programs of interest and


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