Glass Castle Timeline

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Southern Arizona; (21 April 1963 – 20 April 1964); 3 years old The first major event that stuck with Jeannette Walls started when she was cooking hot dogs alone at only age three, and she accidentally lit herself on fire. This was definitely an impacting event on her, not only because it is her first memory, but it was also traumatic. “Juju, our black mutt, was watching me. I stabbed one of the hot dogs with a fork and bent over and offered it to him. The wiener was hot, so Juju licked at it tentatively, but when I stood up and started stirring the hot dogs again, I felt a blaze on my right side.”(9)

Western Desert; (21 April 1960 – 20 April 1965); 1-5 years old The book revolves around the idea of the Glass Castle,
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“‘Welcome to Welch!’ Mom declared.”(130)

93 Little Hobart Street, Welch, West Virginia; (Late Winter 1971) 10 years old One of the places that Jeannette Walls seemed to really connect is 93 Little Hobart Street, although she did feel that it depicted the deep poverty her family lived in. Jeannette and her family moved in after a few months of living with her grandparents. “We all stared. The house was a dinky thing perched high up off the road on a hillside so steep that only the back of the house rested on the ground. The front, including a drooping porch, jutted precariously into the air, supported by tall spindly cinder-block pillars. It had been painted white a long time ago, but the paint, where it hadn’t peeled off altogether, had turned a dismal gray.”(150)

Welch High School, Welch, West Virginia; (21 April 1972 – 20 April 1973); 12 years old Jeannette Walls first experience with journalism occurred when she began working on the school newspaper, which would then years later lead onto being a bestselling author. “That year I started working for the school newspaper, The Maroon Wave. I wanted to join some club or group or organization where I could feel I belonged, where people wouldn’t move away if I sat down next to them. I was a good runner, and I thought of going out for the track team, but you had to pay for your uniform, and Mom said we couldn’t afford it. You didn’t have to buy a uniform or a musical instrument or pay any dues to


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