CMNS 220 Final Exam

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Q1. Many television genres like crime drama, the sitcom and reality shows presuppose tensions and fractions(部分) in ‘normal’(规范的,标准的) social relations. So to win support [i.e. become popular] programmes(节目介绍)are drawn to difficult ideological areas that will then have to be negotiated… Ideology works by masking, displacing(顶替,置换的), and naturalizing(自然化) social problems and contradictions. Discuss a show or shows we encountered in class or one that you think are relevant and identify the ways they mask(掩饰) or displace ideological contradiction and work toward narrative closure(叙事的结尾) and thus ideological resolution(解决).

Ideology works by masking the social problems and contradictions just like what people generally think the forest should
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The dog is barking loudly besides. These all shows the event is happening which is real and the police is dealing with a drug trade crime.
Moreover, the racial issue shows in the shows. The criminals are always black in television. Sometimes it can misguide viewers that black people are more likely the criminals and they are dangerous. The show of “This Hour has 22 minutes” display the race by humour. The laughing undermine the power and laughters is subversive the normative function of racial and cultural stereotype.

In the show of pop singer’s family, a lot of conflicts happens between the singer father and his children. Both of them plays the important role of subverting the family relationship and the normal. The father identify himself as patriarchy and dominant hegemonic value. However, the drunk and yelling on children makes he lost the prestige in the family. Audience might feel enjoy to watch these kind of show because they will compare their life with the characters in television and feel comfortable to see they are more normative than the characters in television.
A animated show named boondocks also shows the subversion in a family. The grandfather always yells to his grandchildren and force them to agree with his traditional thoughts but do not follow any norm on himself, which is ironically represents subvertsion in a nuclear family.
These shows both subverts and reduce the dominant hegemonic value. On one hand, the father or