Contemporary Diet and Nutrition

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HW220-Final Project

HW220: Contemporary Diet and Nutrition

Prof Shantelle Weichers: Contemporary Diet and Nutrition


Unit 1 Dietary Trends and Nutrition
Information to Remember
Defining Diet and Nutrition
Eating Patterns and Habits of Americans
Nationwide Food Consumption
Nutritional Principals and Standards
Basic Food Groups
Guidelines for Healthy Eating
Relationship between Nutrition and Human Health
Nutritional Status
Emerging Health Issues



Unit 2 Food Choices
Information to Remember
Defining Food Choices
How Food Habits Develop
Influences and
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Nationwide Food Consumption-the diet of many of the western countries, including our own, has become one that is tailored to our lifestyles. We as a people have gone away from the times that we were hunters and gatherers, i.e. having to work for our meals, to a society that just simply goes to a grocery store and purchases the foods needed to nourish our bodies. Along with this fact fast-food has become a large portion of our diets as well, considering it is fast and easy to attain.

Nutritional Principals and Standards – nutritional standards are a set of guidelines that are used to outline what is the best estimate for dietary intake for a given population some examples of theses are as follows: 1. Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs): the framework of nutrient standards now in place in the United States. This framework includes the Recommended Dietary Allowance, Adequate Intake, Tolerable Upper Intake Levels, Estimated Average Requirement, and Acceptable Macro-nutritional Distribution Range 1. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA): the average daily


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