How Does Art Reflect Britain

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Choose one aspect (art) and show how this reflects the British character and UK society. You can also introduce a brief comparison with your own country.

For many years Britain have its own unique and old history, for example, art. But in the beginning, British art was not as wide-ranging and popular as the present. It develops as time goes on, and there was big difference between each period, such as The Ambassadors from 1533, showing the lifestyle of upper class, Rain, Steam and Speed from 1844, it reflects that industrialists had new production techniques, Just what is it…? from 1956 which combined both fantasy and realism, and so forth. All those famous or non-famous works have shown the different themes and reflected the
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After the detail discussions of these three famous works in Britain history, each of them demonstrates the character of the time. A transitional phenomenon from cautious and meticulous to bold and open can be seen easily in those art works, which show that people in the past were careful and close before 18 century and people at present are full of imagination and creative because they opened to other countries. In geography, three islands in Britain surrounded by sea and separate to Europe mainland. It could protect them from the wars but at the same time, it restricted them from the communication in culture and development. Therefore, when Renaissance volume affected whole Europe, British art did not realize that. Presently, people’s seeking knowledge of state of mind is growing bigger and bigger, they want to look for the things that didn’t be used before and mix them with tradition, this is the new trend of British art. Traditionally, Art has been used as a vehicle to illustrate and illuminate history as historians recognize that some Art may help them to identify and explain the nature of a society or a period. Without a doubt, British art also went through many periods: Renaissance And Patronage, Breakthrough of Patronage, The time of beauty, 19th Century Art, Industrial Age, Impressionism, The Modern World,


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