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Thessalonians Thessalonians is based on two different letters that was written to the Christian community in Thessalonica. The purpose of the first letter was to clear up some of the misunderstandings about the return of Christ. The second letters purpose was to still clear up some of the misunderstandings about the Day of the Lord for they thought the day had already come. The first letter to the Christian community was sent from Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy, though Paul was the main author. Paul was writing to them to clear up their misunderstandings about the return of Christ, also considers it as instructions in holy living. Paul wrote about his longing to visit the church in Thessalonica but he couldn’t because Satan had stopped …show more content…

Both of the letters is written to the same audience the Christians of the Thessalonica churches. Without knowing who the true author of the second letter is it, there isn’t a for sure location on where the letter was written although it is believed to be in Corinth if Paul did write the letter. Paul’s purpose of the first letter was to correct a misunderstanding about the return of Christ. To also urge his readers to respect their leaders, this could suggest that there was some tension among the people in the churches. He expressed his satisfaction over the progress that the community had made and his joy. His Jewish opponents apparently had made accusations about his cowardice and self-seeking charges brought against him. He points out the importance of Christian morality, to safeguard them from attempts to make new converts to Christianity and to revert to their old standards. Paul’s purpose of the second letter was to clear up any misunderstandings that came in the first letter. For he talked about the second coming of Christ, so those people believed in the Thessalonica churches that the coming of Christ was soon. Some quite their jobs, refused to work, and become idle busybodies and gossips, so Paul wrote to them also to encourage them to go back to work. The Christians were being persecuted by the Jews for they were hardened by the hearts and jealous of their success. He was telling them that when Christ returned for


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