Court Observation Paper

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Observation paper

Magistrate& District court

Karen Rivera

Cj 205

The first court that I attend was district court, the judge was Fernando r. macias I went to the court on October 13, around 10:30. When I first walked in there were a lot of people there I wasn’t expecting that at all. Security was higher than at the magistrate court. There were attorneys there but they stand next to there defendants at all times since it was still assembly justice so the trials didn’t go on for days if the most for about 30 minutes. The first case I had a chance was already on its way so I don’t know how long it had been going on for. The defendant was wearing a dark blue jump suit. As well as he had some chains aournd his waist
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The most common thing at this court traffic tickets. The court room work group bailiff, clerk, and judge. This judge was very fair he gave every person a fair chance to tell some what of their side he wouldn’t let me really argue their side since it wouldn’t be fair since the cop wasn’t there to say his side that be bias. Most cases that enter here end here. They plead guilty and then they get there sentencing from the judge right there and then. And its either a fine or jail time most of the time its fines. This all judges discression what he decides is the punishment. I also heard a case where this guy had a party and he got in trouble because it was too loud and the officers had warned him once and then they didn’t listen then the cops came back to the party and shut it down and he then got a ticket. The judge told him he was young once too and he knows how it is to party. But once he was warned he should of ended it. he then asked the guy why he had the party the defendant said he had the party because the aggies beat UNM. The judge then made a joke saying” I have people that work at this court room that can beat UNM”. Which I thought was pretty funny he isn’t up tight he can still joke but then he fined that guy 100 dollars. Which wasn’t bad that’s a normal punishment for those kind of


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