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Merketing Management
15th Edition
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1. How has Emirates been able to build a strong brand in the competitive airlines industry worldwide?

The success of Emirates can be attributed through a combination of marketing mix which emphasize on excellent customer service, product and equipment. In addition, Emirates is known for its commitment to the highest standards of quality in every aspect of their business, providing premium service be it in first, business or economy class. We will look into a few P’s of the marketing mix that Emirates currently employ to become one of the most profitable
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Dubai airport offers an open sky policy, thus enable other airlines to gain free access to the airport. This enables Emirates to compete openly with other airlines, particularly other United Arab Emirates and Arab based airlines such as Gulf Air, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways.

2. What are some of the apparent weaknesses with the company's strategic direction? How can the airlines address them?

Even though Emirates has strongly built their brand in airlines industry and strategically positioning themselves, they are lack in taking into considerations of their competitors in determining their future directions. As they portray themselves as a global company they have got a rivalries threat in their regional market from companies like Etihad Airways and Gulf Air which both partly own by Abu Dhabi government. Going for expansions of their fleets solely will not ensure the company growth in future. Having a young fleet of aircraft can be beneficial in the first few years of operation. However, as the aircraft ages, the cost of maintaining them will also increase and put a burden in their operational cost.

For Emirates to secure as much market as they can, a strategic approach have to be taken by them. For example, Emirates can consider acquisition of strategic companies such as Airbus and Boeing which provides them with state-of-the-art aircrafts, and Dnata, which provides efficient airport


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