By Using the Structural Functionalist Approach, Discuss Zambia Political Parties and Their Contribution to Liberal Democracy.

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Rule by the people is what a democracy is made of, this might be achieved by having the party in power elected into office into office by the majority, the term democracy and the practice itself is diverse in each country but it has similar features which characterize all forms. This essay explains the impact or contributions of political parties in a Liberal Democracy using the Structural functionalist Approach. It will also converse the important roles that these political parties play in every political structure, specifically in Zambia. To start with, it will explain what the terms Liberal, Liberal Democracy and Political Parties are; it will also explain the Structural functionalist Approach. Thereafter, the works and critiques of …show more content…

Political parties being vital elements in the political arena influence the government of the day in so many ways.
Societies there are different opinions, needs, expectations and views over daily issues; something like a common will of the people or a fixed common good does not exist. In contrast, in every society there is rivaling interests that often collide very hard. In order to peacefully mediate conflicts, the formation of political views must take place in an open process of debate between different opinions. This is the common sense of democracy. It is based on the principle that each citizen has the right to represent his opinion and conviction in a peaceful competition of minds. Due to the diversity of opinions and social conflicts there is no perfect solution to problems. Decisions have to be made on the basis of consent and approval of a majority of the citizens.
One of the main functions of a political party is to act as a mediator between the electorate and the government in power. They provide checks and balances to the party in power; they ensure that the decisions, policies and laws made by government favor every citizen of the country. They advocate for the public by expressing their expectations and demands to the political system, they also compete in form of elections like what occurred in the 2011