History of Video Games

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Video games have progressed immensely in price and technology over the past thirty years making them more popular then ever. Video games were originally for arcades, then came the first home console. The graphics have changed a lot since the first console game. Games colors were originally just black and white now they have more colors then you can think of. Not all businesses made it through competition of other businesses.

In the seventies video games were fairly new. Some companies were successful. One of those companies was Colecovision Telstar. The first game systems were not powered like today’s game systems are. In the seventies they were powered by batteries but today’s video games get their power from electrical outlets. The
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It had good games and good graphics.

In the nineties through today video games have become almost realistic. They graphics have increased tremendously. In today’s games the people almost look real. They even have sounds and music in them. In 1990 the Sega Master System II was released. Their was two versions of the console. One version had seventy-four games and the other version had a hundred five games. This console also had 3d games. You had to wear 3d glasses but it seemed real. It had a Light Phrase pistol, and game cartridges. The NEC Turbo Duo was released in 1992 used ,for the first time ever, CD-ROMs instead of cartridges. The Sega Genesis had come out with an adapter for CD-ROMs. The Atari Jaguar was trying to compete with Sega and Nintendo. It was technically superior to the Sega and Nintendo but could not keep up with their sells. The Nintendo 64 had only two games when it was released which were Super Mario 64 and Pilot Wings 64. The Sega Dreamcast was the first console to have a built in modem and internet support. Meaning you could play with other people even if the two of you are not in the same house. In 1996 the Playstation 1 had come out. This was the first system to ever have a memory card. In 2000 the Playstation 2 had come out. The graphics were better then before. It also now had exclusive games. Which meant that games had come out for only that system. The Nintendo Gamecube was really shaped like a cube and


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