Internal and External Pursuasive Communication

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Internal and External Persuasive Communication

COM 537
August 19, 2013

Organizations both large and small, all share a common feature. This feature is internal and external stakeholders. An organization can have a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders. It is vital to make certain that designated managers within the organization keeps both internal and external stakeholders informed of accolades, potential problems, problems, as well as any other issue that has transpired that will affect them. By doing so, all stakeholders will remain happy, and may even be able to offer applicable feedback.

Persuasive Memo to Internal Stakeholder: Employees
To: Best Games
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We are in no way interested in releasing a product that is not our best and may let our customers down.
We certainly do appreciate you taking time to read this release. Investor feedback can be sent to www.bestgamez/ We will do our best to respond to any questions or concerns within 72 hours.
Warm regards,
Shelly Banks – Production Manager.

My communication method of choice for the internal stakeholders was a memo sent via email to all employees. My technique of persuasion was ethics. This affords each employee an opportunity to set aside a time that is convenient for them to read the email and focus on the message. I prefer this method over a staff meeting because it takes away from the organizations production, and just may be unrealistic in many cases (Stuart, Sarow, & Stuart 2007). The way that I chose to eliminate noise was to allow each employee to read the email at their desk, providing less distraction. Also, realistically, the internal stakeholders that I selected for my memo did not need an extensive background of the company. They just needed to know the managers viewpoint the dilemma. By keeping the memo concise, this eliminated the noise of unnecessary information. The perspective of the internal stakeholder that I