History: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Great Depression

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Could whites and Indians have lived peaceably in the trans-Mississippi West? I do not think that the whites and Indians could have lived peacefully in the trans-Mississippi West. I believe this is because of the ways the Indians were living and hunting. Also with how the whites were not concerned with their customs and only had a one track mind on what they wanted of their land. The government “attempted” to keep peace by pressuring the Indians into treaties that were only broken and then new ones would be made. The government was not looking out for the tribes best interest either because they forced more restrictive agreements on the Indians which led to a war in the west between the whites and Indians. Looking back on the history, I …show more content…
Historians rank Franklin D. Roosevelt as one of our greatest Presidents. Based on his responses to the Great Depression, does he deserve this honor? I think Franklin D. Roosevelt is one of our greatest Presidents based on his responses to the Great Depression. Who is to say that if Franklin Roosevelt did not do the things he did and come up with the New Deal that the Great Depression would have improved on its own. The Great Depression of the 1930s was the longest in the history of the nation and left many Americans with self-doubt, and lost confidence from the harsh times. Unemployment and suffering was especially severe among the African Americans, Latinos and American Indians. Rates of marriage and birth declined and many women found themselves working even more hours in and outside the home to supplement incomes. President Hoover’s attempt of policies and program failed and lost to Franklin in 1932, so there was different attempt beside Roosevelt’s but it didn’t work. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal attacked the Great Depression by recovering the economy, relief of the needy and reforms the ward off future depressions. It however failed to fully recover but the changes were long lasting. Such as the establishment of a limited welfare state to provide a minimum standards of well-being for all Americans. Also economic stabilizers such as the federal


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