The Aim of Feminist Theology Is Simply to Seek Equality Between Men and Women

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'The aim of feminist theology is simply to seek equality between women and men' Discuss.
Feminist theology is a movement found in many religions. Feminist theology aims to reconsider the traditions, scriptures and theologies of those religions from a feminist perspective. It can be argued that feminist theology just wants equality between men and women, however, It can also be put across that seeking equality is not their only aim.
Liberal feminist theology is fundamentally rooted in the Enlightenment philosophers who place a high value on reason and recognise that men and women share the same powers of reason. Key thinkers, such as Immanuel Kant, think that whilst there may be physical differences between men and women, there is no
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She says that Eve is the same substance as man, because she is taken out of his, they are made to be together and be united as one. She argues that God did not create man then woman, he created humankind then split it into two genders, male and female. Also, Eves role was to be a helper, not a subordinate role. Eve also takes the initiative and seeks out wisdom, the man, by contrast, is passive. This therefore shows that feminist theologians are seeking equality because the Genesis is reinterpreted and shown to everyone in a different light. This thinking may be considered more logical and understandable. However, Daphne Hampson argues that there is no reason to reinterpret a patriarchal text, and that there is no reason to find positive reading and just to accept the fact that the anti-Semitic sentiments are a product of their time. This therefore shows that even though feminist theologians are trying to seek equality between men and women and trying to place them in the same position, some theologians reject this and prefer to stick to what has been said rather than what could have been said.
Whereas liberal feminist theologians sought equality for men and women, reconstructionist theologians need to go further than this. It is simply not enough to ignore the sexist passages in the Bible or patriarchy within the tradition and to emphasise the models of equality. The Bible and the tradition literally needs to be reconstructed. So overall, it