Agrippina the Younger

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Personality Agrippina The Younger
Historical Context
Roman Social and political structures

Imperial Family
Emperor From the time of Augustus, exercised total control over * Political * Military * Economic * Religious affairs
Family Members of the Juio-Claudian family enjoyed considerable power and influence
Upper Classes
Consular Came from noble families – senators who had achieved office of consul and were respected because of their experience and authority
Senators Membership was hereditary and limited to those with property qualification of one million sesterces
Equestrians Member was based on property qualification of 400 000 sesterces. Their wealth was gained through public office, trade and
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ed 13) first married Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus (aged 30) in AD 28
Domitius held the office of consul in AD32 was described to be noble or prominent
“… Was wholly despicable character” Suetonius, The Twelve Caesars
The marriage seemed to have no political impact on Rome

Basis of Power and influence

Role During the reign of Caligula
AD 37 Tiberius died and Caligula became emperor
Caligula immediately ordered that the bones of his mother and brother be brought to Rome and formally buried * Renew public sympathy and love for the family * Appreciated and respected his family and their image
One of his firsts act was bringing prominence the position of his three sisters by giving them status * Made honorary Vestal Virgins * Appreciation of family displayed for public loved of the family
Appreciation of family displayed for public loved of the family
Given seats in the imperial enclosure at games * Included un the annual vows for the emperors safety * Included in the annual vows allegiance to the emperor
’I will hold myself and my children dearer than I hold Gaius and his sisters’’ * Included in the preamble to proposal submitted to the senate
“Caligula was reminding the world that he was not the only assurance of the continuity of the regime” Bauman
“… They say that he ravished his sister Drusilla before he came of age… Later he took Drusilla from her (first) husband… openly treating her as his lawfully