"Judgement" by Noel M. Tichy and Warren G. Bennis Paper

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Judgment Paper To be a leader, one must have many qualities. Most people believe that leaders have qualities that determine if they are a good or bad leader, such as being smart, punctual, sociable, and charismatic. These traits are all very important to a leader, but the novel, Judgment, by Noel M. Tichy and Warren G. Bennis explain that the most important quality to a leader is their ability to make good decisions. Tichy and Bennis write Judgment to clarify what is really important in a leader and what leadership really means. Judgment is extremely important in a leader. Tichy and Bennis make sure to emphasize that leaders MUST make good judgment calls because in business, the only thing that matters is the results, not the process. …show more content…

His original plans did not always go through but I believe that is also another reason why he was such a great leader. He adapted to the changes before they could bring him down, and ultimately made him to be known as a good leader. Then to top it off, he chose Deb Henretta to be in charge of the baby care business. She had no experience in this field, but he knew that she would bring an objective view to the table with many new ideas.

The next important domain that leaders must face is strategy judgments. These are important because they set the objects and the agenda of the leader. This is slightly different from people judgment calls because strategy judgments must be attended continuously. Updates are always needed because they constantly evolve. Each action in a strategy lays out a new stage for the next action. According to Irving Janis, there are three human problems that cause bad judgment: defensive avoidance (delaying decisions unduly), overreaction *making decisions impulsively in order to escape the anxious state), and hypervigilance (obsessively collecting more and more information instead of making a decision) (Tichy and Bennis 138). These are three human emotions that would create a bad leader to jump into wrong judgments calls.

A great scenario that demonstrates a good strategy judgment would be Best Buy’s strategy to become customer centricity. The CEO, Brad Anderson, was newly appointed in 2002 after a five year best-performing stock