H.J. Heinz: the Ketchup King

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Today’s grocery store brands have expanded so much. There seems to be two to four brands of the same type of product. If one was standing in the aisle of condiments and needed to get ketchup, they have many brands to choose from. However, the one that would most likely stand out is the ‘Heinz’ ketchup bottle. The Heinz ketchup bottle has been out for years and it has so much history behind the name. Henry John Heinz didn’t start out with ketchup; he actually started out with bottled horseradish. A lot of people don’t know that but H.J. Heinz accomplished a lot in his career which goes hand in hand in the world of marketing. H.J. Heinz as we all know is known for the bottle ketchup which was first called “catsup” but most people don’t …show more content…

Then by the 1900’s he had traveled to Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America. During that time his marketing and advertising skills become even cleverer. He traveled to New York City and put a large billboard up to advertise his famous slogan that won his a reputation as an advertising genius. Merchandising also made him well-known throughout the world. He was crowned the “pickle king” because he sold pickles and he also came out with the pickle pins that everyone had to have. Mr. Heinz was great in the advertising field as well because he put up huge billboards of his name, had electric signs, and even published things in magazines and newspapers. “Mr. Heinz did everything he could to get his products out and he did not allow his own religious convictions to interfere. His advertisements never ran on Sunday’s and his factories were considered models because of the cleanliness and way he treated his workers.” This was a great thing because a lot of facilities were not like that and he even had tours at his factories, showing people that he was hiding or ashamed of anything.
During the 1920’s when the Great Depression was going on he began having trouble so his son Howard Heinz came up with some aggressive moves to save the company. The company added two new products which were baby food, and ready to serve soup. He also increased advertising and promotion, and cut costs but no wages. These types of characteristics in a company