Healthcare Ecosystems Task 1

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Baptist Health, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky is the largest not-for-profit healthcare organization in the state. The vision of this HCO is to be nationally recognized as a healthcare leader in the state of Kentucky. Baptist Health was originally founded in 1924 as a single 120 bed hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Expansions in 1953 with the addition of Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky and in 1954 with the addition of Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky created the foundation for the HCO known today as Baptist Health (Welcome to Baptist Health hospitals and clinics in Kentucky, 2013). Baptist Health has expanded on this foundation to become the largest HCO in the state with seven owned hospitals and …show more content…

Baptist Health uses health information technologies by welcoming the feedback from patient surveys and participating in national programs for quality outcomes while leveraging the health information technology to improve health care quality, prevent medical errors, reduce health care costs, increase administrative efficiencies and expand access to affordable care. An example of this would be that the HCO has implemented a drug delivery system that assists the clinician with assuring the proper dosing and intervals are maintained based on the information that the physician ordered. This has greatly reduced the medication errors and has greatly increased the positive outcomes and patient satisfaction. Baptist Health uses emerging trends in technology by identifying and addressing the future now. The HCO is undergoing an initiative of expanding its market share to better position itself for the coming changes in health care reimbursement. Bundled payments are on the horizon. Baptist Health, by expanding and becoming the largest not-for-profit health care provider in the state is positioning itself to address this change. By streamlining processes in all of its facilities, the HCO can cut costs and better


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