Racial Equality

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Racial and Ethnic Inequality
Ashley N. Sellers
Ivy Tech Community College

In the article “Whites Swim in Racial Preference” whites really don’t realize how much we are readily handed compared to those of a different race or ethnicity. In this article it mainly focuses on how the University of Michigan discriminates against non-white racial groups with their points system. I have found that even though it is equally shared, it is much easier for whites to obtain points than blacks. This article also talks about Affirmative Action and how it really benefitted whites more so than minorities because whites are the racial preference in America. White privilege is a very prevalent thing in America, even though we all think
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With discrimination we deny opportunities and equal rights to individuals because of our prejudice towards them. This relates to the University of Michigan because the points system was discrimination. Although, it wasn’t an obvious discrimination, it was a type of it. I think the school knew what it was doing all along but denied it happening because they didn’t want to revise the rules to the points system.
Lastly, stereotypes play a huge role in the way people feel about one another. Normally people stereotype because of the way they were brought up in their family or because of their cultural background. For example, many extremely southern people still have a dislike for blacks and assume that they are and overall bad race and that they are superior to the black race. Many rich whites also stereotype against blacks thinking that all of them are going to try to rob them or rape their children which isn’t true. Many black people are amazingly good people.
In conclusion stereotyping, discrimination, prejudices, white privileges, and the glass ceiling all play a major part in inhibiting the minorities of America. It is a sad thing, but it really shapes our cultures here in America. These things all come together when researching how one race or ethnic group has more power over another.

Tim Wise. (2003). Whites Swim in Racial Preference. Alternet.org. October 14, 2012 from


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