Health Care and Correct Medication

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P1- describe the routes of administration of medication commonly prescribed to individuals
Types of medication:-
Antibiotics:- antibiotics are medication which destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria, they are used to treat infections which are caused by bacteria. Most of the time the body’s immune system can fight off bacteria but in cases in which the body cannot antibiotics are used to destroy them. Antibiotics are either given orally, applied to the skin in ointment form or injected, this all depends on the type of infection the body is currently trying to fight off, for example skin infections are treated with ointment, oral antibiotics are used to fight of moderate infections and injective antibiotics are most commonly used in
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Mental capacity act: - The Mental Capacity Act covers what procedure to follow for health and social care agencies with regard to medication management in relation to the mental capacity of an individual. In relation to prescribing the act says medication can only be prescribed to an individual without that persons consent when the person’s lack of capacity is beyond that they can understandingly agree. In regards to administration if the person does not have the mental capability to administer their own medicine, the medication should always be administered by adequately trained, competent staff member.
Legal framework:-
Prescribing and dispensing medication:- before medication can be prescribed, doctors or other health care professional must first assess the individual, this is necessary before the prescription can be given. When the prescription is given individuals must take it to a pharmacist to be able to pick up the medication. The pharmacist must follow legal procedures in which they must ensure there are no reasons that you should not be


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