HSC 3047 Support Use Of Medication In Social Care Settings

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HSC 3047 Support use of medication in social care settings
1.1 Identify legislation that governs the use of medication in social care settings
The Medicines Act 1968
Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
The Mental Capacity Act 2005
The Misuse of Drugs Safe Custody Regulations
The Data Protection Act 1998 plus equality legislation
The Access to Health Records Act 1990

1.2 Outline the legal classification system for medication
The classification system relates to The Medicines Act 1968. The Act has three categories of medicine POM- Prescription only medication which you can get from your pharmacist but has to be prescribed by a practitioner. PO- Pharmacy Only medicines these can be purchased without a
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They also need to make sure they are giving the correct medication, at the correct time and the correct dose.
3.2 Explain where responsibilities lie in relation to use of ‘over the counter’ remedies and supplements Medication that is brought over the counter would be sold buy Medicines Counter Assistant or Pharmacy Technician these are sold with the overall supervision of the Pharmacist, whoever sells these medicines has the responsibility to ask questions before they sell the medication so that they know if that medication is suitable for that person and what medical condition they need it for. Questions they may ask are who it is for, are they allergic to any medicines and what medication they are taking.
4.1 Describe the routes by which medication can be administered
Intravenous injection
Intra muscular injection
Subcutaneous injection
4.2 Describe different forms in which medication may be presented
Creams, ointments
Pessaries/ suppositories
Drops and sprays
4.3 Describe materials and equipment that can assist in administering medication.
Materials and equipment that can be used are Medicine trolley, Medication Administration Records, medicine pots, measuring spoons, syringes, drinking glasses, jug


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