Hc Careers Diagram and Summary

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Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary
Plaridel B. Quileza
HCS 531 - Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems
November 12, 2012
Doreen Gounaris

Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary
In the delivery of healthcare every member of the healthcare team plays important role in ensuring that the most appropriate care is provided to the patient to the best of their expert capabilities. The role of a pharmacist is critical in delivering quality healthcare. The article “What Pharmacist Do?” by Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012) provides detailed statement of the important roles pharmacists play and the services they provide in healthcare delivery.
Career Description Typically, the career of pharmacists is concentrated on the
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When medical errors are minimized the organization not only achieves cost avoidance but also establishes a reputation that is consistent to quality healthcare delivery. A community pharmacist affects the lives of the community in many ways. Educating the community in proper and correct way of taking prescriptions and its side effects increase awareness and prevention of errors. A career in pharmacy is an added resource in bringing about a healthy community. The pharmacists serve as overseers of appropriate use of prescriptions while preventing errors. Whether the place of practice is in a clinical or community pharmacy a pharmacist job should always be consistent with the foundation of wellness promotion and cure of ailments through correct medication prescribing and dispensing.

Career in Pharmacy Career Choice | Services | Work Roles | Pharmacist | Post-secondary teaching | | | Industrial pharmacy | | | Wellness & health promotion | | | Drug consultations | | | Community pharmacy | | | Clinical pharmacy | According to Beney (2010), a clinical pharmacist work roles include:-Developing and promoting rational and appropriate use of medicinal products and devices. -Analyzing population needs with regards to medicines, routes of administration, pattern of use and drugs effects on the patients.-Influencing the use of the most effective treatment for each type of