Epic vs Mckesson

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Dannielle Caddell Nursing Informatics- NUT1


For this research, I am conducting my search based on two well-known

systems for computerized charting in the medical field. These two vendors are known as, EPIC and McKesson. In the next few pages, I will be comparing these two vendors; and at the end of this project I will choose which one I would not mind being associated with or using in the future. I will be analyzing how these systems can improve quality of care for patients, how hand-held devices can or cannot help the medical professionals, how the computerized systems can help nurses, but also how these systems can possibly increase and improve patient involvement of care. Computerized management systems
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While these devices are definitely not a replacement for a physical exam or diagnostic studies, they can be an exceptional tool when helping aid in the selection of prescriptions or differentiating in diagnoses. Another benefit of having the handheld devices is that there can be prompter treatment due to results of tests being sent directly to the MD or nurse practitioner’s handheld device. (Zaykoski, 2008). Even though these medical devices are a great advantage to the medical

field, they are also a very expensive advantage to the medical field. The average implementation cycle for an EHR system is approximately three to five years and can cost anywhere from between $20,000 and $40,000 (Congden, 2009). Advocates say that the investment of EMR/EHR costs promises

long-term savings for the country. One advantage of the EMR is increased

electronic medical records implementation will save the federal government over $12 billion dollars through out the next ten years. While others, estimate a savings of about $80 billion a year for the health-care sector when they move towards paperless medical records ("Will electronic medical," ). Trust is one of the most basic essentials in the nursing field. If the trust is

lost with a medical facility or medical personnel, patients and/or their families will not want to come to that hospital or facility due to the fact that they are afraid that their