Medical Errors

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Medical errors have adverse effect on health care organization structure because it put a question mark on health profession’s reputation. The medical error definitely can cause harm to the patient or even the death. Medical errors can happen anywhere in healthcare system: in hospitals, clinics, surgery rooms. Medical mistakes can arise from doctors, nurses, surgeons, hospital administration, and many others. Medical errors affect the health care organizational structure, culture, and social in many ways. Medication errors have severe direct and indirect effects on health care organizational structure, and culture is usually the outcome of breakdowns in a system of care. Many reasons can involve in medical errors such as, miscommunication …show more content…

Operating room errors are another issue that has occurred in hospitals. Adding double checks into the care process identifies potential errors prior to the action taking place. Making sure it is the correct patient and the correct medication or procedure creates a verification process. Another method that has been included in many hospitals is a timeout. The timeout is prior to a procedure taking place the patient is identified and the nurse and physician must agree on the patient, procedure, and time. This is another error prevention process. An increase in demand for measurable quality improvements within health care systems is growing (Jones, 2007). Patients have a higher expectation and access to more information concerning quality care. JQuality control (QC) is the core concept for managing errors. There are several teams formed in organizations, such as risk Management, infection control, and other staff members concerned with patient care. Compliance and Safety is one of the biggest efforts in an organization. Teams will do chart reviews and find where safety issues are a problem, and implement proper compliance. This is when educators and managers work with staff to correct the potential errors by making the workplace safer, educating, training staff,and preventing morbidity. The potential for an error has a high rate


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