Jean Jacques Rousseau

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"I was born to a family whose morals distinguished them from the people." (Josephson 9) Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva, Switzerland on June 28, 1712. He became the son of Isaac Rousseau, a plebian class watchmaker, and Suzanne Bernard, the daughter of a minister who died shortly after giving birth to him. Rousseau's baptism ceremony was a traditional one held at St. Peter's Cathedral on July 4, 1712 by the reverend senebies. He had an elder brother who had a "loose character", but Rousseau loved him anyway.
At an early age, Rousseau found a love for reading. His mother had an inheritance of some money and many romantic books and novels, so those are the first that he read. He and his father
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July 7, 1712- death of rousseau's mother, suzanne bernard rousseau.
October 3, 1722- isaac rousseau wounds pierre gautier, a retired army captain, with a sword.
October 11, 1722- isaac flees to nyon, 10 miles away, out of genevan jurisdiction.
Cousin, abraham Bernard and jean were sent promptly to board with a protestant pastor, monsieur lambercier, at Bossey…4 miles south of geneva
April 25, 1725- uncle bernard apprentices him to the young master engraver, abel ducommun
Sunday, March 14, 1728 rousseau, returning from a tramp in the country, finds the gates of the walled city of Geneva closed, as usual, at sundown. Locked out for the night, he decided not to return to Geneva to be beaten again by Ducommun. March 21, palm Sunday morning, rousseau presents himself to madam de Warens ar annecy in savoy April 12, 1728 rousseau is admitted to the monastery of the spirito santo in turin to be converted to catholicism April 21, 1728- he abjures


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