Long Term and Short Term Causes of the Arab/ Israeli Conflict

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The Arab Israeli conflict.

The Arab/Israeli conflict is a conflict between the Arabs and the Jews over a small piece of land known as the holy land which is an area in the Middle East of the Arab world. The Arabs call the land Palestine, the Jews call it Israel but both religions have strong religious links with the land. There is conflict between the two religions because they both believe that the land belongs to them. it all started back in 135 AD when the Jews were expelled from they're homeland in Palestine causing them too spread out across Europe creating the Diaspora. Although the jews had been forced to leave the homeland they never lost their identity as jews and still longed too return to their
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Arab forces invaded Israel and gained some territory in the south and took Jerusalem's Old City. In June there was a four-week truce, however this was followed in July by significant Israeli advances before another truce. Fighting started again in August and continued until the end of 1948. An Israeli advance in January 1949 isolated Egyptian forces and led to a cease-fire. Approximately 400,000 Palestinian Arabs had run away from Israel and were settled in refugee camps near Israel's border, which was an important cause of conflict. Palestine was no longer a whole country. It was now divided into three separate parts. The Jewish area now covered over 77% of the territory and parts of the other section of the country where owned by owned by Jordan and Egypt. From 1949 to 1956 violence between Arabs and Israelis was minimized by United Nations troops in Israel, however on October 1956 Israeli forces launched an attack on Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Although the action against Egypt was forbidden by the nations of the world, the cease-fire of November 6th came only after Israel had captured the Gaza strip and Sharm el Sheikh. Israel withdrew from these positions in 1957 on condition that access to The Gulf of Aqaba, was guaranteed, without which Israel was cut off from the Indian Ocean. Israel set a law that no Arab refugees could return to their homes, which has caused many Arabs to hate Israel today. Because of


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