Small Team and Group Paper

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Small Team and Group Paper
Small Team and Group Paper
“Together Everyone Achieves More… That’s what TEAM means, so let’s work it out together!” These were my words to my first successful venture into the network marketing and direct sales arena and although I did not have a clue about how I or my team would become a success in this business, we sat down in my overpriced apartment and decided that failure was no longer an option.
This paper is focused on the small team experiences that I have been a part of after making the decision to become a member of the network marketing industry. The team, its communication and leadership behaviors, problems (encountered and overcome) and its effectiveness are
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This was the sole reason this gentleman could reach the top of the compensation plan at each company he connected with to include ours. We were forced to start our individual businesses all over again from scratch.
Being the leader of this small team, I immediately made several decisions with the hope that the team would follow my vision because now the team was decimated, and we all needed to make an income fast. The solution was to start from scratch with a new opportunity at a new company and to do so by avoiding the opportunity for top income earners to get the promotional foothold deep enough inside of our businesses to allow the same events to take place again. Part of this new solution was to only promote each other and to brand ourselves first, before we promoted any company, product, and pay plan, etc. because we needed to stand out from the crowd. This solution did not come without a price however when only one of my teammates decided to follow me with my proposed plan. The other team members decided to link back up with the gentleman who left us high and dry in our previous company. Personally, I spoke with each member of the team and explained to each team member exactly what events took place, but the lesson of greed was soon taught to me on a personal level when all but one of my teammates trusted me enough to follow my lead.
Now as a team, we were no longer


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