Trouble Shooting Information Systems at the Royal Hotel

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Trouble shooting information systems at the Royal hotel
ITC 6020 - Information Systems Design and Analysis

Case Overview
Discussion Question and Answers

Case Overview
Blake had just finished his first year in the master degree’s program and attended an internship with a famous IT company. After the orientation, the company offered him the first account with the Royal Hotel which he can manager from the start to the end.
He arrived at the hotel with a one-week assignment. In the first meeting with the General Manager (GM) of the hotel, the manager told Blake that the service they provide to the customers was “unacceptable”. The high standard of the hotel ask for better service. The manager wants all the
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Reporting problems in the suites can be done in many ways other than using this system. Blake may not be familiar with this system as well. Also, the communication with vendor is not successful because he did not ask for advice about utilizing this system for those specialists.

2. How can you fix these problems? (1) Ignorance of the real situation: Before the set-up of the new system, a thorough research about whether it is important to do it or not should be done. In this case, I can see that this situation had been going on for a period of time from GM’s word. So information such as the frequency of problem occurrence can be collected. With further investment, substitutions may be found. (2) Did not take employees into consideration: During the time the plan was put up by Blake, he did little investment on employees. Surveys or questionnaires toward people who will be using this system had not been done as shown in the case. I think this is a major mistake in my point of view, because this factor cannot be calculated or estimated. Without the opinions from employees, uncertainty after installation will surely increase. (3) Time limitation: This is a factor that Blake had no control over of. Project at this scale should have a more time to do investment and testament. Especially for a student who had no working experience before. (4) Overestimate and underestimate the problem: When Blake was