Motivation Theory

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Six Recommendation on Motivation theory

The Goal of this Article is to analyse the various Motivation Theories for employees in the workplace environment. It attempts not to just present yet another theory of work motivation, rather focusing on metatheory which is the processes through which we can build more valid, more complete and more practical theories.

The authors of this article have drafted six recommendations that they believe and feel that are the best. It is in their view a combination of facts that can lead to better understanding of employee motivation factors and effective methods of management.

Recommendation 1 : Using the results of the existing meta-analyses to Integrate the valid aspects of different
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In my experience I try to separate unrelated information. I believe it is not ok to let it influence my tasks at hand if it is unrelated. Unrelated information or feelings tends to have a low or less significant Impact on my Motivation levels if. However I find that if the information not uplifting or I consider negative towards my wellbeing it might I might distracted in a negative way. My performance level tends to lapse a bit and I can at times find it hard to focus. The reverse is also true. When I am distracted by positive feelings or information it tends to make me work better. Therefore I have to agree on this recommendation with the authors of this article about the impact of the sub-consciousness and unrelated information.

Recommendation 5: Use Introspection explicitly as a method of studying and understanding motivation.
Though the authors of the article feel that Introspection is Important in the study of motivation they also acknowledge that it is very controversial as well. They feel Introspection is important because of the following six reasons
1. Understanding Traits and motives
2. Increasing accuracy
3. Understanding the effects and Attitudes
4. Learning how managers formulate and apply principles.
5. Understanding self Motivation
6. Understanding the relationship between motivation and knowledge

There are many ways that


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